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Our Service

Trained Armed Men

We provide professional armed trained men with technical know-how to render high-level and sophisticated security service.

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Driving Service

Weprovide highly competent Drivers who are trained in defensive driving techniques.

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Escort Service

We provide Escort Commanders who are experienced in route planning on convoy movement to ensure safety

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Security Tech Management

We specialize in the deployment,operation & management of Innovative Technologies like surviellance solutions, CCTv, Access control, Metal detectors, Baggage scanners, Biometrics device, Fire alarm detectors.

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Security Consultancy

We have the experience and we have developed working sytems and structures that guarantees high security, let us guide you in form of consultancy to improve your security.

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Security Training Service

Bearing in mind there us no limit to learning and the fact is power, we fronm time to time organise training sessions both physical and mental for security operatives.

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Perimeter security solutions

We Utilise Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology For A Fast, Accurate Security Solution. Our Robust Solutions Reduce Operational Risk And Keep Your Organisation Fully Secure

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Data protection security

Data security is the practice of protecting digital information from unauthorized access, corruption or theft throughout its entire lifecycle. We have built expertise in this regard, lets help your company setup adequate Data Protection infrastructure.

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Cyber Security

We have the best Cyber security experts in-house who have over 10 years experience. Lets help you build a solid cuber security infrastructure.

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Get in touch with us, our customer service is available 24/7 to ensure your security needs are met in no time, Call +234-8035070197, +234-9032169978 or send a mail to . You can also contact our office lines: +2349160002110 +2348117404150.